Event - The Mersey Tunnel Run

This was the first of my challenges. The Tunnel Run is a 10 km run from Liverpool through the Mersey Tunnel and on to the pier at New Brighton on the Wirral. The run was unusual in that 2½ km was through the Mersey Tunnel which is an experience as you descend into the bleak and unusual atmosphere of a tunnel with its smell of diesel and the stillness of the air.

The run was almost easy as we passed under the Mersey only then to start the relentless climb out of the tunnel at the Wirral end. The light expanding as we neared the end of the tunnel only then to be faced by a howling gale. As you will imagine the gale got stronger as we got on to the promenade towards New Brighton.

I completed the run in 64 min. 10 secs. which was not a spectacular time by any stretch of the imagination and to my annoyance I was beaten at the tape by my fellow Trustee, John Scampion. 64 minutes was disappointing as I normally complete 10 km at the 60 minute mark. Must do better next time.