Update on progress at the Good Shepherd School

I visited the school again in March this year with a friend, Kay, from the Quantock Deanery in Somerset, who are fund raising for us this year.

As always we were very hospitably received.

The school looks beautiful and the children generally healthy and happy. As well as the two buildings containing classrooms, the school now has an accommodation block for the teachers (which includes an en-suite room for guests, if you should wish to visit and stay there!)

I was most interested to see the Outreach Group, which is thriving. The cabin truck continues to transport many of the children and the driver Richard maintains it well. Once in school the teacher Margret, the nurse, Veronica, and Cliff, the physiotherapist, work hard with the children and their parents. The children obviously enjoy attending and get a lot out of it.

I was delighted to see that a number of children have been able to move from the Outreach Group into the main body of the school, where they are now attending full time. They include Hadia who cannot walk, and Isingoma, who also cannot walk and who is troubled by a lot of involuntary movements which also affects his speech. Both children have loads of potential but had previously been unable to attend school…now they have a future to look forward to.

We continue to fund the Outreach and also to support the costs of bringing the children who have moved into the main school in to school every day. So our out-goings are ever increasing. But all to good effect. Your donations are well spent!