Rwbaale Health Unit

In early March this year, 2012, the Trustees visited the Health Unit in Rwbaale again. We were shown round by Sr Ferdiana who is leading this development. We were impressed by the work that is going on there and the clear involvement of the local community. There is a very active immunisation program reaching out into the villages and protecting mothers and children from a range of illnesses, not least of all tetanus, which can be a killer where babies are delivered in rural, resource poor settings, and data collection and analysis of this and the other programs followed, are carefully displayed for all to see. We noted that the unit has the support of two other NGOs involved in childhood immunisation: UNICEF and Strides. Antenatal education, of course, is an important part of the service offered by the unit, and we met a happy group of expectant women attending a class there.

We were taken to see the shell of the second building under construction, which will eventually house a delivery suite and ante and post natal wards. “Improving Chances” has helped to build this unit and put a roof on it, but it needs a lot more work...some £28,000 worth of work to complete floors, ceiling, windows, plastering, painting, solar electricity and hygiene facilities.

And then, after that the Unit needs accommodation for the please keep giving.